900 MHz (B/ILT & SMR)

Select Spectrum offers licensed spectrum in the 900 MHz Business and Industrial/Land Transportation (B/ILT) and Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) bands. The band is ideal for Land Mobile Radio (LMR), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), and Data applications and is predominantly used by two-way radio operators, electric utilities, and industrial operations. The band is also majority-held by Anterix, which plans to offer LTE broadband services in the band in the future.

Please see the information below and review our 900 MHz B/ILT & SMR band Spectrum Summary to learn more about the availability of this spectrum and further details regarding compatible equipment and technical specifications. To view our Spectrum Summary, please click the link below to view and download (PDF).

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900 MHz (B/ILT & SMR)
900 MHz (B/ILT & SMR) - Band Plan

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    Industries and Applications

  1. Industries

    1. Utilities
    2. Industrial Water Treatment
    3. Oil, Gas and Pipeline Monitoring & Control
    4. Agriculture
    5. Educational Institutions
    6. Public Safety
    7. Business, Industrial and Land Transportation


    1. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
    2. Distribution Automation (DA)
    3. Land Mobile Radio (LMR)

    Compatible Standards

    1. IEEE 802.16s
  2. Equipment Manufacturers

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