PowerTrunk and Select Spectrum Announce Private 4G/5G and TETRA Networks on the Band 54 Click Here

PowerTrunk and Select Spectrum Announcement

Band 54

Ligado Band Plan With GPS 1670 Only

In concert with Ligado Networks, Select Spectrum is offering 5 MHz of contiguous FCC licensed broadband spectrum, standardized by 3GPP as Band 54 (1670-1675 MHz). Band 54 spectrum is the ideal choice for companies in the Utility and Critical Infrastructure Industry (UCII) sector that require their private network to support a range of 4G/5G applications. These prime lower mid-band frequencies are available on a nationwide basis. Organizations may lease the use of the spectrum license in an area that matches their operating territory.

Work Items for LTE-M, NB-IoT and 5G NR are in progress with 3GPP. Once finalized, these additions to the standard will allow UCII users increased network design flexibility and will expand the range of devices that may be connected via the private wireless network.

For availability details, compatible equipment, and technical specifications, please click the link below to view and download the Spectrum Summary (PDF).

Key Benefits of Band 54 Spectrum

Licensed, Dedicated Use

Licensed, Dedicated Use

Licensed, lower mid-band spectrum in Band 54 enables effective wide-area broadband coverage, providing a superior option for organizations looking to deploy Private Networks. Companies in the UCII sector that establish wireless networks depend on high levels of network availability and reliability to enable Mission Critical applications. This exclusive-use spectrum can serve an enterprise’s objectives in areas ranging from a single facility to a multi-state service area.

  • Nationwide licensed spectrum between 1670-1675 MHz – available today
    • Ubiquitous, nationwide, geographic coverage in all 50 states and U.S. Territories
    • No clearing required (greenfield spectrum, available today for localized leasing)
    • Licensed, dedicated use solution tailored to your organization’s geographic scope of operations

  • Ideal for the highest possible levels of network quality and scalability – 4G-LTE offers the ability for rapid deployment.  Additionally, the spectrum will support LTE-M, NB-IoT and 5G NR operations and devices for decades into the future.
Key Band 105 Spectrum Attributes

Band 54 Spectrum Attributes

Band 54’s 1670-1675 MHz frequencies provide an optimal combination of capacity and coverage characteristics to deliver cost-effective and superior performance for 4G/5G service deployments.

  • 5 MHz contiguous capacity - sufficient for nearly all targeted Private 4G/5G applications
  • Location in “Goldilocks” coverage and capacity zone offers reduced operating expenses through the lower mid-band propagation characteristics
  • Licensed spectrum to support a scalable quality network and high performance that decrease total cost of ownership
  • Support for highly efficient and flexible TDD operation of industrial and private network systems
    • Time Division Duplex “TDD” spectrum allows both uplink and downlink in the same 5MHz frequency band. Users may adjust timing ratio to optimize for more uplink traffic, such as in sensor monitoring and control situations, or for more downlink centric traffic, e.g., in content streaming applications
Low Latency

Low Latency

Band 54 4G/5G systems are designed for mobile broadband providers to support very low latency that certain applications require, including for network protection, and synchrophasors. The band features  a 5 MHz wide carrier that is necessary for transition to 5G services including for applications that use 5G ultra-reliable low latency communications (URLLC).

Advantages Compared to Other Spectrum Bands

Advantages Compared to Other Spectrum Bands

  • Immediate spectrum availability with no risk of time delays associated with clearing existing users
  • Exclusive use means no sharing or deference to priority incumbents required
  • Future proof networks with 4G LTE broadband spectrum with 3GPP Work Items underway for LTE-M/NB-IoT and 5G NR standards
  • TDD operation is significantly more efficient use of spectral capacity than FDD for most private network deployments
  • Option to combine with systems using higher mid-band spectrum, such as CBRS, increasing cell-site size, reducing deployment costs, and increasing capacity
  • No risk of interference into (or from) adjacent land mobile radio systems; no re-tuning of existing land mobile radio systems required
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PowerTrunk and Select Spectrum Announcement

PowerTrunk and Select Spectrum discuss advancing 4G/5G & TETRA compatibility in Band 54.

Rapidly Expanding Ecosystem

  • Ligado and Select Spectrum are in advanced discussions with major chip, module, base station and LTE core manufacturers to expand the range of options for constructing private 4G-LTE networks supporting UCII applications using Band 54 spectrum.
    • Announcements describing this rapidly expanding Band 54 ecosystem are expected throughout early to mid-2023.
  • PowerTrunk has committed to the development, promotion and implementation of end-to-end solutions that will utilize the Band 54 4G/5G frequencies in concert with UHF mission critical LMR bands in a combined innovative wireless system.
  • Ubiik supports Band 54, developing LTE Cat-M1 cellular grade products which will provide a range of network configurations.


Mobile or Fixed Data, Voice and Video Services (5G NR or 4G LTE)
Mobile or Fixed Data, Voice and Video Services (5G NR or 4G LTE)
Smart Grid
Smart Grid
Internet Access
Internet Access
MIndustrial Internet of Things “IIoT”
Industrial Internet of Things “IIoT”
Smart Cities
Smart Cities

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