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For organizations in need of consultative services, Select Spectrum is well-positioned to provide unique insights, conduct valuations/appraisals, perform license management services such as renewal filings, and provide FCC auction bidding services. The Select Spectrum team can provide valuable analysis, grounded in a combined 30+ years’ of telecommunications and wireless industry experience.

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Select Spectrum has performed in-depth appraisals for a variety of Licensed Spectrum Holders, including electric utilities, Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs), investors, etc. spanning across the narrowband, broadband, and mmWave spaces. Select Spectrum’s databases of private & public comparable transactions and up-to-date population metrics, combined with our extensive experience in understanding of complex FCC regulations, goals of relevant major stakeholders, industry standards and prospective applications for licensed spectrum, makes Select Spectrum uniquely suited to ascertain licensed spectrum values.

License Management

Select Spectrum has successfully managed licensed spectrum portfolios on behalf of our clients, including extensive assets valued at over $200M in prospective value. We understand the significant investment of time and money, and thus the value, that licensed spectrum assets represent to our clients and prospective clients.

Our managed services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Spectrum Manager Leasing Facilitation
  2. Ecosystem (Equipment, Applications, etc.) Development
  3. FCC Proceedings (Engaging with Notices of Proposed Rulemaking, Report & Orders, Comments/Reply Comments, FCC Staff, etc.)
  4. Build-Out/Construction
  5. Substantial Service Showings
  6. Renewal Filings

FCC Auctions

Select Spectrum has successfully advised clients on how best to navigate and engage with FCC run auction proceedings. Most recently, our firm advised a client participating in the Auction 103 reconfiguration and incentive auction procedures, with our firm delivering an approximate 25% increase in the value of the relevant licenses via our services.

Our auction services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Pre-Short Form (FCC Form 175) Advisement
  2. Auction Price Forecasts
  3. Auction Bidding Services
  4. Post-Auction Business Case Development
  5. Past FCC Auction Outcome Analysis

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