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LTE Narrowband IoT

A Solution in the Upper 700 MHz A Block

Upper 700 MHz A Block

LTE Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is a network standard issued by the 3GPP cellular standards organization. This technology provides low-cost long-range wireless communications to a wide range of sensors, controls and other devices.

  1. Paired FDD 1+1 MHz
  2. Each NB-IoT carrier is 200 kHz
  3. Long range
    • Up to 25 miles
  4. Long battery life
  5. Low cost devices
    • Chipset cost expected to be < $10 in volume
  6. Healthy, robust global vendor ecosystem

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LI-7 Project (2019 - Present in Northern Florida)

LI-7 Project

The LI-7 project provides a utility in northern Florida with a LTE NB-IoT wireless network to monitor the performance and condition of its emergency generators.

Future additions to the network will allow the utility to:

  1. Monitor and track water pressure and flow rate for its water delivery system
  2. Remotely verify wastewater height and pump performance in public and private sewage systems
  3. Wirelessly communicate with leak detection devices

LI-7 allows for reduced capital and operating costs while providing carrier-grade security, increased range, improved propagation for deep indoor coverage and compatibility with the worldwide LTE “cellular” industry supply chain.

  1. UTC Telecom & Technology 2019: LTE Narrowband IoT for Private Utility Networks


    1. Internet of Things (IoT)
    2. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
    3. Machine to Machine (M2M)
    4. Direct Meter Communications – AMI
    5. Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)
    6. Asset tracking
    7. Distribution Automation (DA)
    8. Reclosers
    9. Demand Response (DR)
    10. Demand forecasting data collection
    11. Electricity theft identification and prevention
    12. Capacitor banks
    13. Volt VAR (Advanced Voltage Control)
    14. Replace telco leased lines when services are terminated by telco or when prices increase.
    15. Allow conversion to IP rather than legacy interfaces
    16. Secure communications
    17. Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
    18. Network, Device and Asset Management
    19. Vehicle tracking and maintenance
    20. Physical security monitoring
    21. Telemetry for line and transformer sensors
    22. Pole top and other sensor communications
  1. Equipment Manufacturers

    1. Chipsets: Qualcomm (9205 LTE Modem)
    2. Modules: Quectel
    3. End Points: Mobilogix (Mobilogix MT4x00), Shoreline IoT

    Please contact [Email Protected] if you need any additional information.

    1. Chipsets: Sequans
    2. Modules: Pycom
    3. End Points: Puloli RU700A

    This combination of chipset and module is in operation in the Northern Florida project involving Puloli that Select Spectrum is managing. Please see the section above for more information on the LI-7 Project.