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Company Background

Select Spectrum, founded in 2010, is focused solely on the market for FCC spectrum licenses in the U.S., providing marketing, brokerage and consulting services to a wide range of clients. The company actively represents clients holding licenses across 24 different FCC spectrum bands, including narrowband, broadband and millimeter wave frequencies, ranging from 150 MHz to 40 GHz. Select Spectrum is an industry leader, having facilitated over 300 FCC license transactions in the secondary spectrum marketplace. Select Spectrum has also provided spectrum consulting services to major utilities, wireless operators and financial institutions that have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in spectrum-oriented ventures.

In conjunction to client services, Select Spectrum has developed and licensed a series of spectrum databases and mapping systems which are utilized by the company's experts to perform complex analyses of various alternatives.

Select Spectrum welcomes the opportunity to discuss innovative answers to your organization's spectrum and transaction related questions.

Our Team

Robert Finch


Robert Finch is the president and founder of Select Spectrum. Read MoreHis 30 year career includes executive level technical and corporate development positions with MCI WorldCom, Ciena and Sprint Nextel where he served as vice president, spectrum development. Bob's department was responsible for aggregating 100 MHz of wireless broadband mobile spectrum rights which Sprint merged into Clearwire in 2008. His M&A experience includes acquisitions and integrations of dozens of regional operations as well as managing such complex transactions as the reorganization of CompuServe and consolidation into AOL and UUNET.

Bob holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from U.C. Davis and a MS in Engineering Economic Systems from Stanford University. Read Less

Andreas Bitzarakis

Managing Director, Broadband

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Andreas Bitzarakis serves as the Managing Director, Broadband at Select Spectrum, Read Morewhere he oversees and manages broadband sales and advisory efforts for licensed spectrum bands directed at serving proprietary, 4G LTE and 5G applications – including but not limited to the 600 MHz, 700 MHz, 1.9, 2.5, 3.55 GHz (CBRS) and mmWave “UMFUS” bands.

With over a decade of experience in the telecommunications industry, Andreas demonstrated significant success working with a nationwide carrier as well as managing an organization’s reselling and distribution of services of the major U.S wireless operators.

Andreas is additionally responsible for managing the Spectrum Marketplace, a platform which serves as a hub for licensees, operators, investors and other users to facilitate transactions, including leases, in the 2.5 & 3.55 GHz (CBRS) bands. Read Less

Zachary Thompson

Director, Critical Infrastructure

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Zachary Thompson is Director, Critical Infrastructure at Select Spectrum. Read MoreZack is responsible for leading and supporting transactions of narrowband (217-222 MHz, UHF, 700 MHz, et al) and broadband licenses(1670-1675 MHz, et al) to the Utility and Critical Infrastructure Industry (UCII) verticals.During his time at Select Spectrum, Zack has led or supported 30+ Transactions with UCII buyers.

Furthermore, Zack oversees Select Spectrum’s analytics team, which performs critical analysis on a variety of projects for the firm, conducts market research, business develop, spectrum valuations and database development & curation.

Zack has a BA in Economics; with concentration in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) from George Mason University. Read Less

Andrew Shao

Spectrum Analyst

Andrew joined Select Spectrum as a Spectrum Analyst in December 2022. His responsibilities include supporting Select Spectrum led transactions, appraisals and other projects and to manage, curate, and further develop Select Spectrum proprietary data assets. He is a New York University graduate with a BS in Math and Computer Science.

Megan Finch


Megan joined Select Spectrum as a Marketing Analyst after graduating from the University of Delaware in May 2011. Read MoreShe is responsible for creating and expanding the Select Spectrum website. She also creates Select Spectrum marketing plans and material for our upcoming events. Read Less

Lisa Lannin

Administrative Manager

Lisa joined Select Spectrum in January 2021. Read MoreAs the Administrative Manager, she performs a wide variety of administrative work and ad hoc tasks in support of various team members. She has 10+ years of sales, software, logistics and supply chain management experience with companies both large and small. Lisa has a BS in Business Logistics and International Business from the Pennsylvania State University. Read Less

Madison Smith

Spectrum Analyst, Engineer

Madison Smith is a Spectrum Analyst, Engineer at Select Spectrum, having joined the company in September 2022 as a Jr. Spectrum Analyst. Read MoreHer responsibilities include supporting Select Spectrum's overall brokerage efforts in a sales & analytical capacity, serving as Select Spectrum’s liaison with utility and critical infrastructure industry trade organizations and working groups, performing project-oriented research, and enhancing databases and proprietary assets. Studying Industrial Engineering at Texas Tech University, Madison is active in IISE and Tau Beta Pi, recognized for academic excellence. Previously, she directed an IEEE summer institute at Rice University and digitized a business development project for Keating Auto Group. Read Less

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