Utilities of all types rely on their communications networks to support their critical objectives of safely and efficiently delivering energy to residential, enterprise, and governmental customers, whether that be electricity, gas, or water. Wireless communications over licensed spectrum can support a number of key applications, ranging from Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) for monitoring key assets such as substations to Land Mobile Radio (LMR) which can support two-way radio communication among crew members and between a crew and their dispatch station. A robust communications network on dedicated, licensed spectrum is an investment that can not only save money in the long run for a utility while reducing or eliminating interference, but also is key in reacting to and managing emergency situations – whether it be from weather, natural disaster, and health & public safety related events or otherwise.

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    1. Internet of Things (IoT)
    2. 2-way Radios
    3. Advanced Metering Infrastructure
    4. SCADA
    5. Smart Grid
    6. Copper and TDM Replacement
    7. Distribution Automation
    8. Substation Automation
    9. Telemetry
    10. Advanced Voltage Control
    11. Protection Switching
    12. Reclosers
    13. Capacitor Banks
    14. Remote Site Communications
    15. Synchrophasor Networks
    16. Demand Response
    17. Physical Security Monitoring
    18. Wireless Carrier Replacement
  1. Available Spectrum

  2. Types of Utilities

    1. Investor Owned Utility
    2. Electric Distribution
    3. Generation and Transmission
    4. Electric Cooperative
    5. Municipal
    6. Gas and Water
  1. Utilities Technology Council

    “Utilities of all sizes prefer licensed spectrum.”

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  2. T&D World

    Licensed spectrum can work as a point-to-multipoint system. Point-to-multipoint has multiple advantages such as networks are able to send and receive messages at the same time.

    “During outage and power restoration events, utilities with point-to-multipoint architecture have experienced a 33% reduction in service restoration times because of the increased amount of useful outage information.”

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  3. ComEd

    “By reducing the frequency of outages by 44 percent and the duration of outages by 48 percent compared to the five-year pre-EIMA average, ComEd delivered $560 million in value from improved reliability to our customers in 2016 alone and nearly $2 billion in avoided outage benefit from 2012-2016.”

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Private LTE

Private LTE is a relatively new application that could offer significant benefits to utility organizations. Private LTE applications leverage the global ecosystem of 3GPP standardized technologies and the ability to utilize broadband capacity for applications that require higher speeds and/or have higher data requirements. To learn more about Private LTE and potentially available spectrum options, give us a call or email to schedule a discussion.

Select Spectrum is experienced in assisting utilities in identifying and procuring available licensed spectrum for their operating territory. A few of our utility customers that we have been able to help are as follows –


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