24 GHz

Select Spectrum offers licensed spectrum in the 24 GHz Upper Microwave Flexible Use Service (UMFUS) band. 24 GHz millimeter wave “mmWave” frequency licenses will play a critical role in servicing 5G deployments and applications, and are currently being deployed with a focus on supporting significant levels of network traffic and facilitating ultra-high-speed mobile/fixed broadband speeds that are unmatched by low or mid-band spectrum options. UMFUS bands are 3GPP standardized under the 5G New Radio (NR) guidelines and are permitted by the FCC for flexible use to support a variety of applications.

Please see the information below and review our 24 GHz (UMFUS) band Spectrum Summary to learn more about the availability of this spectrum. To view our Spectrum Summary, please click the link below to view and download (PDF).

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24 GHz (UMFUS)
24 GHz (UMFUS) - Band Plan

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    Industries and Applications

  1. Industries

    1. Consumer Cellular
    2. Oil, Gas and Pipeline Monitoring & Control


    1. 5G
    2. Fixed Wireless Access
    3. Small Cell
    4. Smart City
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