29/31 GHz (LMDS)

The Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) band was made available by the FCC via Auction 17 in 1998, which sought to dedicate licensed spectrum for “wireless fiber”, supporting high-speed data connections. The current LMDS band plan, which is subject to Part 101 rules, consists of two channel blocks, the A Block and B Block, with each block being partitioned into two distinct sub-band channels. The A Block offers channels A2 and A3, each 150 MHz wide for a total of 300 MHz of capacity; the B Block offers channels B1 and B2, each 75 MHz wide for a total of 150 MHz of capacity.

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29/31 GHz (LMDS)

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    Industries and Applications

  1. Industries

    1. Consumer Cellular
    2. Oil, Gas and Pipeline Monitoring & Control


    1. Fixed Wireless Access
    2. Small Cell
    3. Smart City
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