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Why List Your Spectrum With Us?

  1. Experienced team behind your listing east
  2. Effective and innovative marketing tools
  3. Obtain max-value for your listing: we bring value-increasing initiatives to get you the best offer for your spectrum

Select Spectrum hosts the premier secondary marketplace for licensed spectrum assets, helping organizations locate and acquire licenses throughout the United States. Our firm is well positioned to help spectrum holders monetize their assets, through a sale, lease, and other arrangements considering our expertise, market knowledge and relationships, proprietary databases, resources, and proven success. Our unique approaches towards not only marketing spectrum licenses, but also increasing their value through spectrum development initiatives, is proven to be effective with our firm having a track record of delivering returns in excess of $500M to our clients across over 300 transactions since 2010.

Effective and Innovative Marketing Tools

Select Spectrum makes it easy to find and compare our spectrum listings. By using our tools, buyers can quickly and efficiently find the spectrum they need and sellers can sell or lease their spectrum asset. Spectrum can be a great investment by selling at the right time or leasing unused spectrum for monthly cash flow. Our transactions are simple with both sides finding a market-based price.

Spectrum Search Platform

A public online database that allows users to search by location or frequency.

Spectrum Marketplace Platform

A private online marketplace that allows users to bid on 2.5 GHz spectrum.

Select Spectrum Website

  1. The Available Spectrum section of our website details each of the 22 bands of spectrum.
    • Spectrum Summaries
    • Maps
    • Videos
    • Application benefits

  2. Our Resources section of the website includes webinars, press releases, blog articles and industry resources for wireless spectrum.

Social Media Outreach

Select Spectrum reaches our audience through multiple social media sources.

  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • @SelectSpectrum
  • Email Newsletter

Obtain Max-Value for Your Listing

We Bring Value-Increasing Initiatives to Get You the Best Offer for Your Spectrum

  1. Robust Buyers Network

    Select Spectrum has cultivated long-term relationships with a diverse group of buyers and lessees across various industries. Such buyers range from those with mission-critical goals, such as electric utilities, to operators seeking to offer Wireless connectivity services, such as Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs).

    Our contacts include:

    1. National and Regional Carriers
    2. Utilities
    3. Electric Coops
    4. Investors

  2. Industry Partnerships

    Select Spectrum has an excellent relationship with a wide array of industry stakeholders and ecosystem partners across all facets of the telecommunications industry, ensuring our clients’ spectrum is considered for incorporation into their clients’ network development plans.

    Spectrum Partners

    Equipment Manufacturers/Distributors

    Frequency Coordination

    Trade Associations

    Standards Organizations

  3. Wireless Technologies and Standards

    Select Spectrum works with a variety of technologies and standards committees to incorporate a variety of licensed spectrum bands into existing and upcoming standards. Standardization is key for ecosystem development – growing the number of applications and available equipment options available to buyers and operators.

    LTE NB-IoT (LI-7)

    IEEE 802.16s

  4. Applications Development

    Select Spectrum works diligently to expand the breadth and depth of applications, and associated equipment options, that may be supported by our clients’ licensed spectrum, enhancing the quality and quantity of potential buyers.

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    Looking to speak with a representative about listing your wireless spectrum with us? Please fill out the contact form, including the call sign(s) you are looking to list, and a Spectrum Listing Agent will contact you shortly. You and your spectrum listing agent will have an initial consultation to agree on a customized marketing strategy.

    Once you are ready to list your spectrum, you can sign a Spectrum Marketing Agreement and we will add your spectrum to our inventory and start marketing your listing to our contacts! From start to finish, your spectrum agent and our team will be there to answer questions and get your spectrum in front of the right buyers.