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Licensed Wireless Spectrum for Agriculture

Wireless networks are used for everything now, and industries from manufacturing to creative work use them regularly to keep everything synchronized and efficient. One of the best examples illustrating this shift to a networked solution is agriculture. Wireless networks are now being used for everything from equipment management to rainfall monitoring!

Licensed wireless spectrum providers have developed systems to help with monitoring rainfall, checking in on fields, increasing yields, and minimizing environmental impacts to help farmers make informed decisions about when and how to maximize efficiency. These wireless networks operate at high speeds, are linked via cloud-based servers, and allow physical and digital assets to be deployed and monitored seamlessly, wherever the user may be.


Farms are more advanced than ever, meaning networking has become an essential ingredient of their infrastructure instead of a bonus feature. Many farms use precision wireless technologies to link their equipment to their tracking equipment, cameras, and even drones. Data sent from sensors and cameras is uploaded to the network automatically and helps inform the roles of the networked equipment.

This integration of systems would not be possible without a strong wireless network at the backbone of the farm. One estimate puts smartphone or tablet usage share for farm business at 40%, meaning wireless is the web holding everything together. Connecting all of the farming components is essential to the operation. Monitoring them anytime and anywhere has become essential for farms to stay competitive in an increasingly difficult competitive space.

Network Everything

A network that allows farmers to connect every component of their farm/business is the central tenet of everything holding their operation together. As 5G networks continue to roll out, that speed will enable farms to take advantage of the full potential of autonomous vehicles for field tasks, sensors to predict maintenance needs for farming equipment, augmented reality for learning purposes, and sensors, tracking, and data for efficient logistics.

  1. Vehicles and Equipment

    Automating farming vehicles means spending less on personnel, and getting to work around the clock if needed. Machines don’t need to sleep, and if a wireless network is connecting them all, they can coordinate their autonomous work across the farm.

  2. Sensors

    Tracking rainfall, crop yields, and even growth rates are all possible with sensors designed for the task. Connecting them once they are operational is the important bit though, and having a fast wireless network in place to track the data from sensors allows farmers to send their vehicles out to do the work once they know what’s going on.

  3. Logistics

    Having every component linked by a wireless network allows crops to be harvested, processed, packaged, and shipped within the same system. The IoT solutions made possible by a Licensed Spectrum give farmers the ability to automate and operate every aspect of their farm from their mobile devices or computers.

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