28 GHz

The 28 GHz frequency band was made available by the FCC via re-allocation of the Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) A Block sub-band channel, A1, which contained 850 MHz of spectrum between 27.500 – 28.350 GHz. The 28 GHz band, and other millimeter wave (“mmWave”) frequency bands, such as 24 and 37/39 GHz, will play a key role in 5G deployments under the new Upper Microwave Flexible Use License, “UMFUS”, designation. UMFUS bands are 3GPP standardized under the 5G New Radio (NR) guidelines, specifically in the “Frequency Range 2” (FR2) umbrella that includes mmWave frequencies.

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28 GHz (UMFUS) - Band Plan

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    Industries and Applications

  1. Industries

    1. Consumer Cellular
    2. Oil, Gas and Pipeline Monitoring & Control


    1. 5G
    2. Fixed Wireless Access
    3. Small Cell
    4. Smart City
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