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700 MHz A Block Buyers/Potential Buyers and Users Group Roundtable

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This Roundtable Session is for any party (i.e. Buyers, Users, Equipment Manufacturers and Engineering Firms, etc.) interested in the Upper 700 MHz A Block Spectrum. 20 utilities around the country have acquired 700 MHz licenses to date.

This Roundtable session allows utility related professionals to share ideas on topics such as:

  1. Business Use Case factors
  2. Equipment options
  3. New developments in relevant technology and equipment
  4. Deployment and technical nuances
  5. 700 MHz A Block Spectrum procurement process
  6. Other topics of interest around the 700 MHz A Block Spectrum

700 MHz A Block Deployments By Vendor

    1. Northwestern Energy
    2. Idaho Power
    3. Puget Sound Energy
    4. Avista
    5. CenterPoint
    6. Oncor
    7. National Grid
    8. CHSRA: 4RF
    9. West Farmers Electrical Coop
    10. Dawson PPD
    11. Enterprise Products: 4RF/GE (Mix)
    1. First Energy
    2. Power South
    3. Perennial PPD
    4. South Central PPD
    5. Loup PPD
    6. Norris PPD
    7. Enterprise Products: 4RF/GE (Mix)
    1. Salt River Project
    2. Portland General Electric
    3. Navopache
    4. Great River Energy
    1. Gulf of Mexico & Various Gulf Parishes & Counties
    2. Alaska
    1. Jacksonville Florida
    2. Nashville Electric Service

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